lookbook #19

Today I rest my work. So I decided to update my blog. yayy!
I visited Hair fair 2009. And bought some hairs 😉
This is curio’s Post-Ironic hair. I like the style of the bang hair. (bang bang bang!)
And I changed my body shape. (more chubby, cuz i want to be a real person lol)
Hair – Curio – Post-Ironic 2 – Auburn
Nail – .+*FLUFFY*+. Neu Nailz – Rainbow!! Multi Colored 01[10min camp @ here]
Tee – DUBOO*save our earth
Pants – &Bean – Back in your head Vivid
Bandaids – Reek – Bandaids – Kailiana Dots
Shoes – UBU Drunks
Socks – *UnTone Quilt* Mokomoko Socks / red
Glasses – (FD)Retro Chic Frames
Scarf – MIEL CHARCOAL PLAID SCARF [Old group gift]
Suspenders – { Kari } – New School suspenders
Rocket – Reek – Orbiting Rocket Ship
No Reply – World (video is “The Visitor, 2007”)

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