lookbook #42

*Fishy Strawberry* offered Cardboard Kitchen as a Hotel Dare Exclusive Gift. So cute hand drowing kitchen makes me cook newnew! hehe xD and check Marine sim! So many unique and funny stuffs at there. Check Check!
Newreem Waffle
Hair – TRUTH – Isabella – mahogany
Nail – ..::MAI::.. Gift Red Nails [Free @ here]
Tee – “Drowsy” free2 [Free @ here]
Pants – MNK*SHOP – Capri Pant_cosmos [Lucky chair @ here]
Apron (Upper) – ::: B@R ::: CandyCandy Alice Apron (part of ::: B@R ::: CandyCandy Alice)Apron (Lower) – BLONDE Pinny With Pockets
Shoes – Snow Slippers – The Crystal Queendom
Hat – (W) Chef Hat
Glasses – -NALA-*LA Street Scene Valentines HUNT 2009* [Old hunt gift]
Mitten – (W) Mordechai’s Oven Mitten
BP*kettle and cup [Free @ here]
[ Love Soul ] Tray of Rice Omelette
[ Love Soul ] Boxed Lunch*Japanese style*
(Slow Kitchen)epron&kitchentools
*Fishy Strawberry* Cardboard Kitchen [Free @ here]
Plus-Tech Squeeze Box – Kitchen Shock

2 thoughts on “lookbook #42

  1. @riq or anna (haha no idea who you are lol)hehe thank you !!someday i'll cook for you guys ❤

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