freebie #5

SWITCH sim finally opened! yay! Our favorite NINIKO and ARAI is the main shops in this sim. And so many shops in SWITCH. And they offered tons of freebies. So check all their opening gifts or freebies. And check their new released stuffs!!
[OH] released new hair “oh my ramen”. So cute curly hair with headband. If you click the headband, you can change the color! Check!!!!
* LOOK 1
Hair – [OH] ::: (o_x)::: oh my ramen-R


Cardigan – !Ohmai : Basics Pocket Cardigan BLANK [Free @ here]
Tee – Switch T_GIRL [Free @ here]
Pants – Pig – Unisexy Dungarees – Brown [Poop hunt gift]
Shoes – Babouche/Purpl/SP [Free @ here]
Glasses – (W) Horn Rimmed Glasses
Suspenders – { Kari } – New School suspenders
Socks – -RC- Nana’s Knitted Socks – brown
* LOOK 2
Hair – [OH] ::: (o_x)::: oh my ramen-R
Tattoo – DUBOO*hot air balloon tattoo
Top – ! NU i HenleyNeck with cutsaw white FREE [Free @ here]
Skirt – “NINIKO“Hickory Overall_miniskirt
Shoes – Babouche/WaterBlue/DT [Free @ here]
Glasses – (W) Horn Rimmed Glasses
Socks – *UnTone Quilt* Mokomoko Socks / border anco
DUBOO released new stuffs at SWITCH sim too. These leggings are one of the new stuffs. “DUBOO*cotton candy leggings”. you can bought each color and also fatpack. (fatpack’s vendor is me with balloon. lol) So check!!!
Newreem Waffle
+ Music
Hazel Nuts Chocolate – Future Popp

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