lookbook #61

Today I made very different two looks. Cuz I want to show you that MIASNOW‘s new skin line is very good with normal look too. They released “RAINBOW goth”. You can choose dark brows or lite brows and 5 makeups (2 makeups included in each). Very glossy lips with unique eyeshadows make me something different. And Modd.G released their September line (Modd you are sooooo fast!!). I love Modd.G’s unique textures dresses as always! She released something simple line too. So check their shop! And enjoy your september! xD
Newreem Waffle
* LOOK 1
Hair – Maitreya Moon – Chocolate
Skin – MIASNOW Skin – RAINBOW goth 1 *dk brow [a]
Nail – ..::MAI::.. Gift Black Nails [Free @ here]
Top – Modd.G Zoey Runched Offshoulder {Grey}
Skirt and stockings – ::: B@R ::: Leather Kala Blue (part of ::: B@R ::: Leather Kala)


Shoes – Maitreya Slinky Stilettos – Black (red)
Necklace – SVART. Chunky Dory Necklace
Sunglasses – [[SHADE THRONE]] KURT SUNGLASSES black [Old hunt gift]
Bag – beetlebones**”i skinned an ostrich” in Chocolate raisins
* LOOK 2
Hair – [gisele] hair/Flapper! for KEEP THE FAITH (Zoe cocoa)
Skin – MIASNOW Skin – RAINBOW goth 4 *dk brow ~tears [a]


Top – Modd.G Natalie Blazer {Black}
Skirt – *HOTCH POTCH* kuro iro doress desu [Free]
Socks – ::: B@R ::: White Mist Socks (part of ::: B@R ::: White Mist)
Gloves – ::: B@R ::: Miss Quin Gloves (part of ::: B@R ::: Miss Quin)
Shoes – !BF! MaryJane Flats (Patent – Urban)
Neck acc – ::: B@R ::: Miss Quin B/W NeckAround (part of ::: B@R ::: Miss Quin)
Hat- ::: B@R ::: Miss Quin Hat (part of ::: B@R ::: Miss Quin)
Teardrop – ::: B@R ::: Miss Quin Teardrop (part of ::: B@R ::: Miss Quin)
Tokyo Jihen – Marunochi Sadistic

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