lookbook #72

Typhoon Relief Benefit 09 will held at Pemberley today. So amazing designers are participating this event. And they will offer their exclusive or discounted items. Here’s stuffs are very little part of those items. So please check this good event and enjoy their live concert too. And NINIKO released amazing stuffs. I love the “Crease-crease Pants” sooooo much!! very loose and comfy style! They included two type of style. So you can wear with long boots. And “pleats skirt” is very basic skirt so very easy to mix and match! Check!
Typhoon Relief Benefit 09が Pemberley simで今日から開かれる予定です. すごいデザイナーたちが特別アイテムやディスカウントアイテムで参加する今度イベントはすべての収益が全部台風被害者たちに送るのは意味深い行事です. 今度ルックブックにあるアイテムたちはそのアイテムたちの中でとても小さな部分だから必ず見回して良いこともしたらと思います. そして NINIKOが新しいアイテムを出市しました. 特に “Crease-crease Pants”が本当に可愛らしいです. 普段にもこんな looseと楽な styleを愛します. 二つのオプションが入っていて長いブーツとも着ることができます. “pleats skirt”は既存の NINIKOのイメージのように非常にシンプルでベーシックしたスカートです. どんなスタイルにも似合って mix and matchが易しいと思います. Check!
Typhoon Relief Benefit 09이 Pemberley sim에서 오늘부터 열릴 예정입니다. 대단한 디자이너들이 특별 아이템이나 디스카운트 아이템으로 참여하는 이번 이벤트의 모든 수익은 전부 태풍피해자들에게 보내지는 뜻깊은 행사입니다. 이번 룩북에 있는 아이템들은 그 아이템들 중 아주 작은 부분이니 꼭 둘러보시고 좋은 일도 하셨으면 좋겠습니다. 그리고 NINIKO가 새로운 아이템을 출시했습니다. 특히 “Crease-crease Pants”가 정말 정말 제 스타일이예요! 평소에도 이런 루즈하고 편안한 스타일을 사랑하는 데요. 헤헤 두가지 옵션이 들어있어서 긴 부츠와도 입을 수 있습니다. “pleats skirt”는 기존의 NINIKO의 이미지처럼 매우 심플하고 베이직한 스커트입니다. 어떤 스타일에도 어울려서 mix and match가 쉬울 것이라고 생각합니다. Check!
Newreem Waffle
* LOOK 1
Hair – [OH] :::(o_x)::: Oh my SnowMan – B
Skin – JM:Mai skin_ine w-smokym
Coat – AOHARU_BT_MilitaryCoat_Khaki [Typhoon Relief Benefit 09 item]
Tee – Reek – Rumpus Tee
Pants – “NINIKO”Crease-crease Pants(kahki)


Shoes – TOSL *Quilted Wellies* v2.3 Rainbow Dots
Antenna -~Scribble~ Antennae
Bag – [TOP]_AC_CrossBag_BrownLeater
Glasses – (W) Horn Rimmed Glasses
* LOOK 2
Hair – [Shag] – Deep (Womens) – hazel
Skin – &Bean – Lake Lilac wings Pale
Lashes – [OH] Lashes :::(~_~)::: HotStuff_Light
Dress – *BOOM* Tamed Claire’s Navy w/wings [Typhoon Relief Benefit 09]
Stockings – *Sheer* Tights 08: Torn Shiny Black
Leggings – *COCO*_Gift(Skull-Leggings) [Group gift @ here]
Shoes – ANEXX_LeatherRidersBoots_Red_[Female]
Necklace – [mpb] Biologically Delicate – Pomegranate Passio; Dark // Chest
Headband – =FT – Large Flower Headband
* LOOK 3
Hair – ::69:: ESCAPE 01 – strawberryblonde –
Skin – *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Yuna_Greemy Jell
Blouse – !Ohmai : Basics Puff Blouse [MISTY] [Typhoon Relief Benefit 09]
Vest – “NINIKO” full sculp vest
Skirt – “NINIKO”pleats skirt(red)
Leggings – DUBOO*grandma’s gifts [brown]
Gloves – Reek – Rumpus Romper – Glove Layer
Shoes – *UnTone Quilt*Retro Pumps (gobou)
Bag – xxYOMESHOUJOxx -bag-*txt*
Glasses – &Bean – Recession Street Bargain Glasses Myves Faint Moron
Necklace – Twosome*Beaded necklace/ yellow&purple
+Pose : (pda), olive juice, snook
Ellegarden – 高架線

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