lookbook #103

Back from lazy blog with Drowsy autumn festival! Drowsy is my number 1 favorite sim in SL. They held new festival! yay! The place is so awesome and very autumn feeling! Check!
Drowsy autumn festival과 함께 게으른 블로그에서 돌아왔습니다! Drowsy는 SL에서 가장 좋아하는 sim입니다. 그런 Drowsy에서 새로운 festival을 열었어요! yay! 장소는 너무 멋지고 가을 분위기입니다! Check!
Drowsy autumn festivalと一緒に怠けなブログから帰って来ました! Drowsyは SLで一番好きな simです. そんな Drowsyで新しい festivalを開きました! yay! 場所はとても素敵で秋雰囲気です! Check!
Newreem Waffle
Hair – MiU Azuki by FUGEES Teardrop
Skin – .::TD::. Dinah in Fall – Wheat – autumn-w/light nostril [New]
Lash – [OH] Lashes :::(~_~)::: Girls Secret _Light
Top – BP* bottan shirts/Bgreen [Drowsy autumn festival item @ here]
Skirt – oyakin*old-longskirt(green-flower) [New]
Leggings – BP* colorful border Tights/old [Drowsy autumn festival item @ here]
Shoes – **DP**yumyum Shoes ———- Classic belt boots(Gray) [New]
Muffler – **DP**yumyum ————– gacha muffler4 [New gacha item]
Head band – [OH]~* Rose Hair Band *~ Type 3 [New]
Bag – *KUROTSUBAKI* Bambi_bag [Drowsy autumn festival item @ here]
+Pose – esme for (pda)
Z’ta – Rainy Sunday [Heaven’s Postman Telecinema Drama OST]

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