lookbook #122

I found some funky pants at [Totem]. Those patterns are so unique and very funky! K&CO released new Baggy Tee! All those stripe colors are so cute!! Check! MY UGLYDOROTHY‘s Sopha was away from SL but came back with another name. (I hope she’ll be back with her real name.T_T) And she made new skin line and she offered special version of the new line “Nina” as a lucky board for preview. Don’t miss them! I don’t know you already know this cute shop [AMH]. I found this shop from awesome Lili’s post. (You can see more items at there.) And totally falling in love with this shop. I swear if you love my style you will loving with this shop! Check!
매우 펑키한 바지들을 [Totem]이라는 샵에서 찾았습니다. 모든 패턴들이 전부 독특하고 펑키해요! K&CO가 새로운 Baggy Tee를 릴리즈했습니다! 줄무늬 패턴의 색깔이 너무 귀엽습니다. Check! MY UGLYDOROTHY의 Sopha씨가 새로운 이름과 함께 긴 공백으로 부터 돌아왔습니다. (꼭 진짜 이름을 되찾기를 바래요.T_T) 그리고 새로운 스킨라인을 만들었는데요. 프리뷰를 위해 새로운 스킨 “Nina”의 스페셜 버젼을 럭키보드로 제공하고 있어요. 놓치지 마세요! 이미 너무 귀여운 샵 [AMH]를 알지 모르겠어요. 저는 이 샵을 제가 너무 좋아하는 Lili의 블로그를 통해서 알게 되었습니다. (더 많은 아이템들을 Lili의 블로그에서 보실 수 있어요.) 그리고 이 샵과 사랑에 빠졌어요. 만약 당신이 저의 스타일을 좋아하신다면 이 샵을 좋아하실 거라고 생각해요! Check!
非常にファンキーしたズボンたちを [Totem]というショップで捜しました. すべてのパターンたちが全部独特でファンキーします! K&COが新しい Baggy Teeをリリースしました! 縞模様パターンの色がとても可愛いです. Check! MY UGLYDOROTHYの Sophaさんが新しい名前と共に長い空白から帰って来ました. (必ず本当に名前を取り戻すのを望みます.T_T) そして新しいスキンラインを作ったんです. プレビューのために新しいスキン “Nina”のスペシャルバージョンをラッキーボードで提供しています. 逃さないでください! もうとても可愛いショップ [AMH]が分かるかも知れないです. 私はこのショップを私が大好きな Liliのブルログルを通じて分かるようになりました. (もっと多いアイテムたちを Liliのブログで見られます.) そしてこのショップと愛に陷りました. もしあなたが私のスタイルが好きだったらこのショップが好きだと思います! Check!
Newreem Waffle
Hair – Aurora – AYa (FUGEES Teardrop)
Skin – *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Nina Ugly Catt!! (Sopha Portal) [Lucky board]
Lash – [OH] Lashes :::(~_~)::: Girls Secret _Light (Fhaya Denimore)
Top – K&CO – Lines Baggy Tee – Clouds (Kenzie Craven) [New]
Inner tee – “Drowsy” Gloves tee/Egreen (BettiePage Voyager)
Pants – [Totem] Xad-jeans (Louyse Winkler)
Socks – [SC] Surf Couture – Wool Socks – Green (Emma Gilmour)
Shoes – UBU PornStar Lo-Tops (Coke Dreadlow)
Muffler – *KUROTSUBAKI* 8iro_stall (sato Yifu)
Earmuff – *H+K*star ear-muff_tex change (Nekoko Noel)
Hair – !lamb. Bang Bang Bob – Butterfinger (Lamb Bellic) [50L$ friday item]
Skin – *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Nina Catch Cold.. (Sopha Portal) [Lucky board]


Jacket – Meriken Co. Hood jacket GREEN (Yaszi Mornington) [Christmas gift]
Top – -tb- merci beaucoup raglan (Julliette Westerburg)
Pants – [Totem] GirafeJeans (Louyse Winkler)
Shoes – .+*AA*+.reindeer boots pink(aya Huldschinsky)
Glasses – =u.u= KaWai – Glasses 1 (Rossy Darwin) [Christmas gift]
Horns – [LeL.Ultra]-HORNS (Thora Charron)
Belt – [AMH] Burger Vision Belt (Anya Yalin)
Hat – Agent Orange_Winter Hat (Sienia Trevellion) [Hunt item @ here]
+Pose – dfo! (Willa Whybrow)
Marcela – Just The Way You Are

2 thoughts on “lookbook #122

  1. Great looks, I'm honored you wore my belt :)I really like your use of unusual patterns, with the giraffe pants for example.

  2. @Anya Yalin : hi! thank you for sweet comment! i love your shop so much! your items are really cute and very unique! keep making more and more 🙂

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