lookbook #123

AOHARU released new Tweed dress and jacket. The dress is pencil style so a little bit classy. So i want to make something mom’s old look. X) And the jacket is same tweed texture but the style is very unique and very good with some casual looks. And (P-K) is reborn as LMK. And they release new items. Especially i love her shoes. Each color included 4 simple type of styles and each style have two heel options. (chunky heel and thin heel) All those styles are so simple, so very good matched with any of looks. K&CO released new items. (work holic!! xD) She made new top and skirt and tights. All those items are so compty style and very simple. Check!

AOHARU가 새로운 Tweed 드레스와 자켓을 릴리즈했습니다. 드레스는 펜슬 스타일로 클래시한 매력적인 드레스 입니다. 자켓의 스타일은 매우 독특하고 캐쥬얼한 룩과도 잘 어울립니다. 그리고 (P-K)가 LMK라는 이름으로 다시 태어났습니다. 그리고 새로운 아이템들을 릴리즈했는데요. 특히 신발은 각 색상 별로 4가지 심플한 스타일을 포함하고 있고 각 스타일별로 두가지의 heel 옵션이 들어있습니다. (chunky heel과 thin heel) 모든 스타일들이 전부 심플하기 때문에 어떤 스타일의 옷에도 잘 어울릴 것이라고 생각합니다. K&CO가 새로운 아이템을 릴리즈했습니다. (work holic!! xD) 이번 릴리즈를 통해 새로운 top과 스커트, 레깅스를 출시했는데요. 모든 아이템들이 매우 편한 스타일로 심플합니다. Check!
AOHARUが新しい Tweed ドレスとジャケットをリリースしました. ドレスはペンシルスタイルにクルレシした魅力的なドレスです. ジャケットのスタイルは非常に独特でカジュアルしたルックともよく似合います. そして (P-K)が LMKという名前で生まれ変わりました. そして新しいアイテムたちをリリースしたんです. 特に履き物は各色相別に 4種シンプルなスタイルを含んでいるし各スタイル別で二つの heel オプションが入っています. (chunky heelと thin heel) すべてのスタイルたちが全部シンプルだからどんなスタイルの服にもよく似合うと思います. K&COが新しいアイテムをリリースしました. (work holic!! xD) 今度リリースを通じて新しい topとスカート, レギングスを出市したんです. すべてのアイテムたちが非常に楽なスタイルでシンプルです. Check!


Newreem Waffle



Hair – [OH]:::(o_X)::: Stage props2 – B (Fhaya Denimore) [DU III Item]
Skin – &Bean – Pillow Light two BB FR (Keiko Morigi) [New]
Lash – [OH] Lashes :::(~_~)::: Girls Secret _Light (Fhaya Denimore)


Cardigan – –LMK-Long opened cardigan (Grey) (Polina Kaestner) [New]
Dress – AOHARU_BT_TweedFeminineDress_Black (machang Pichot) [New]
Tights – Twosome – Cozy Tights Grey (Visa Volare)


Shoes – [LeLutka]-Shavon Ankle Boots-Black (Minnu Palen)


Bag – (W) Purse Attack! (Patchwork) (Rosalind Wrigglesworth)
Watch – LaGyo_Watch and charms (Gyorgyna Larnia) [DU III Item]
Glasses – DUBOO*Half moon glasses (Newreem Waffle) [DU III Item]
Stole – AOHARU_BT_PartyStole/White (machang Pichot)



Hair – CBC: How soon is later – Chocolate Cake (Bubbles Clawtooth)
Skin – -tb- Hiccup Light Skin – Swoon (Julliette Westerburg) [DU III Item]
Lash – [OH] Lashes :::(~_~)::: Girls Secret _Light (Fhaya Denimore)


Jacket – AOHARU_BT_TweedShortJacket_Black (machang Pichot) [New]
Top – K&CO – Varsity Yacht Club Sweater – Black (Kenzie Craven) [New]
Skirt – Pig – Alphabet City Skirt Black (Apatia Hammerer)
Tights – K&CO – & The Vines Grow Deeper Tights – Tan (Kenzie Craven) [New]
Gloves – .+*AA*+. Knit gloves 10 (aya Huldschinsky)


Shoes – –LMK– Simple round-toe platform pumps (black) (Polina Kaestner) [New]


Scarf – Emery – Striped Scarf #White/Black (sunami Beck)
Sunglasses – [[SHADE THRONE]] Merry Christmas to FRIENDS. (Undo Hermano)

+Pose – dfo! (Willa Whybrow) , esme for (pda) (Esme Milena)


Flipper’s Guitar – Hello


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