lookbook #137

MY UGLYDOROTHY released new skinline “Sopha”. Sopha came with 2 skintones. And each skintone included tones of make-ups as always. All those make-ups are very lovely and girly. Also [Totem] released new eyes and swimwears. Check!


Skin – *MY UGLYDOROTHY (Sopha Portal) [New]
Eyes – [Totem] (Louyse Winkler) [New]

[SC Hair] released new hair Long hippie style hair “Maranna”. Maranna came with 5 different types of bangs style. (Retro Bangs-Part Bangs-No Bangs-Fringe Bangs-Long Shag Bangs) And you can change the band colors. Check!

So many new released news in this week. fri. released new hairs and poses and top. “Mandy” is a very girly hair style came with hair band. And you can chage the band color. Reek released new hoodie. This hoodie came with the hud. So you can change the color of prims. AWESOME as always! xD Modd.G released new Dress. The style of dress is very cozy and very simple. K&CO‘s new released dress also very simple but the pattern make it more cute. (I love leopard!!) If you are a pose mania, please check Xerras‘s new store “Cockles Moshun“.  They released new poses and shirts. I hope she can make more and more poses and items! whee! And another pose news! *SLC* released tons of poses! And new AO too! All poses are very very awesome. Plz check!


Newreem Waffle




Hair – fri. – Mandy – Cynical Black (Parvarti Monday) [New]
Skin – *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Sopha(M)020 (Sopha Portal) [New]
Lash – [OH] Lashes :::(~_~)::: Girls Secret _Light (Fhaya Denimore)
Tattoo – DUBOO*oh my deer tattoo [front] (Newreem Waffle)
Hoodie – Reek – Laundry Day Hoodie – Red Plaid (Riq Graves) [New]
Dress – Modd.G Cosy Dress Jammies (Nude) (moddishh GossipGirl) [New]
Jeans – [SC] Surf Couture – Belmar Skinny Jeans – Original (Emma Gilmour)
Socks – *UnTone Quilt* Mokomoko Socks / Snow yerrow (chocolat Yifu)
Shoes – PRO_SPEC (2REAL Okelli)
Headphone – K-501 12 S (Agathe Latte)
Bag – (Milk Motion) My fabric bag *mm* (Marie Lauridsen)
+Pose – Cockles Moshun (Xerras Azalee) [New]



Hair – [SC Hair] Maranna [Retro Bangs] – Licorice (Emma Gilmour) [New]
Skin – *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Sopha(M)01 (Sopha Portal) [New]
Lash – [OH] Lashes :::(~_~)::: Girls Secret _Light (Fhaya Denimore)
Tattoo – equus – bambi antlers (Kitten Soup)
Shirts – -tb- Neato Sweatshirt (grey) (Julliette Westerburg) [New]
Dress – K&CO – The Cats Meow – Panther (Kenzie Craven) [New]
Pants – (Milk Motion) My wool pants *beige* (Marie Lauridsen)
Shoes – *ordinary* -Loridae- (shin Mathilde)
Bag – :+:SS:+: Unisex Hippie Bag – Sunbury (Faery Sola) [Hunt gift]
+Pose – *SLC* (manmoth Nishi) [New]



Akeboshi – Peruna


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