lookbook #140


Maybe almost you guys already knew this awesome blogger Euni Kira. Today i had a great time with euni! hee xD We choose a clothes from our love love love shop “Aurora“. I’m really fan of this small shop. (Euni also!!) If you dont know this shop, plz visit and get awesome hairs and clothes!  And we choose new released keiko skin from Den-dou. This skin came with 4 types. (brown brows closed lips/brown brows half-open lips/black brows closed lips/black brows half-open lips) Super super super cute! And also we want to introduce to you Azure‘s new shop “Tee*fy“. They opened today and released soooo cute leggings! Check!


Newreem Waffle


+On Euni Kira+   

Hair – michelle hair honey by mikan hair shop (Natsumikan Checchinato)
Skin – keiko pale red (half-open) by den-dou (denchu Dench) [New]
Tattoo – koi farm colour upper body by aitui tattoo (Jesseaitui Petion)
Dress – denim dress by aurora shop (FUGEES Teardrop)
Shirt – gira dress (top only) by aurora shop (FUGEES Teardrop)
Leggings – cirque lemon by tee*fy (Azure Electricteeth)
Shoes – catarrhini tan by ordinary (shin Mathilde)
Hat – head circle old pink by lg femme (Gyorgyna Larnia)
Necklace – volume necklace pink and white by atelier am (aya Huldschinsky)
Gloves – femme fatale fingerless glvoes by cheap makeup (Stella Semaphore)


+On Newreem Waffle+   

Hair – W&Y HAIR New 119 KDC Gift (WAKA Flow) [1L$ hair @ here]
Skin – Den-dou – Keiko -Pale- /04 Pink (half-open) (denchu Dench) [New]
Lash – [OH] Lashes :::(~_~)::: Girls Secret _Light (Fhaya Denimore)
Dress – Aurora – Nezumi sweater (FUGEES Teardrop)
Frills – (fd) Leaf Drips (Red and Blue, Frills) (Toast Bard)
Inner skirt – oyakin*antique-onp*spine*lace(mint) (kinbo Akina)
Leggings – Tee*fy blossom Fresh (Azure Electricteeth)
Shoes – AOHARU_WALK_EthnicBijouSandals_Turquoise_ (machang Pichot)
Head acc. – WILDO Lace&rose (hanakarakusa Habana)
Bird – .:SHD:. Varied Tit (Mosley Sperber) 


Kira Willey – Colors


10 thoughts on “lookbook #140

    • you and xerras alwaysss make me smile!!! hehe thank you!! and i hope someday let’s make a post together <33

  1. awwwww yurim shee! numoo numoo sajeen duel eeh eebue dah! wah~~~ jinjja jemissuhsut jee? sl ee yurim uel shiruh het jee man lol.. aigoo~ 😛 nadoo nae blog ae dah go boochyu ya dwe get dang~ da uem ae ddo ha jah <33

    • 푸히히히 나도 재미있었어! 다음에 또 진짜 같이 하자! 유니가 한국사람이라서 나는 너무 좋다! 😀

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