lookbook #147


Long time now see! I’m pretty busy in rl. So i can’t post lookbook as much as before. (T_T) But i’ll keep doing this at weekend. So don’t worry! oyakin released new coat. It comes with 3 colors and short/long version. The shape of bottom prim is so cute! And !lamb. released new hairs. Check!



(vive9) released tons of new items include this cute skin line “Carrot”. They came with 5 tones and each tone included 9 make ups and 3 brows, freks options. Also they released new scarf, skirt and boots. So check!

Newreem Waffle




Hair – !lamb. The Chills – Kit Kat (Lamb Bellic) [New]
Skin – (vive9) Carrot [caramel] Red *BRWN/FREK (BluAbyss Denimore) [New]
Lash – Eyelashes -10- Twiggy *REDGRAVE* (Viola Leigh)

Dress – (Hot Mood) Bisous Noir (David78 Messerchmitt)
Inner top – Twosome – apron top black (Visa Volare)
Pants– [W&B] Harris Tartan Shorts NEUTRAL (Twiggy Whippet)
Shoes – *BB*Eleanor Flats bi-color grey (suetabulous Yootz)
Headband – (Milk Motion) My headband (Marie Lauridsen)
Collar – !Ohmai [Silhouettes] Emerge Collar (Anya Ohmai)
Necklace – [W&B] Little Bit of Pretty Necklace (Dakota Buck)
+Pose – au soleil. (Shelby Stipe)



Hair – Clawtooth: Woman of the Year – Soil (Bubbles Clawtooth)
Skin – (vive9) Carrot [caramel] Whispering *BRWN/NOFREK (BluAbyss Denimore) [New]
Lash – [OH] Lashes :::(~_~)::: Girls Secret _Light (Fhaya Denimore)
Cardigan – Emery – Cardigan Crown #Sailor (sunami Beck)
Shirts – {Gisaci} Cambridge Cuffed Shirt Top – Ajan Blue (Hudsen Armidi)
Skirt– (vive9) Manhatten Uptown Glitch *Navy Striped (BluAbyss Denimore) [New]
Stockings – *Sheer* Tights 08: Torn Shiny Black (Sh Oluja)
Shoes – (vive9) Xian Boot [navy] (BluAbyss Denimore) [New]
Necklace – [W&B] Pretty Lady Skull Necklace CRYSTALE (Dakota Buck) [New]
Bag – *COCO*_Gift_Pochette (cocoro Lemon)
Head acc. – /artilleri/ Deadly rose hair flower (Antonia Marat)
+Pose – [LAP] (Dove Swanson)



Hair – .+*Uter*+.Darkbrown [MS] (Mirai Shan)
Skin – (vive9) Carrot [fair] Creo *BRWN/FREK (BluAbyss Denimore) [New]
Lash – [OH] Lashes :::(~_~)::: Girls Secret _Light (Fhaya Denimore)

Jacket – oyakin*linen-coat*half(black (kinbo Akina) [New]
Dress – kate op (Aisyla Aldrin)
Stockings – *Burusera-shirayuri*Stocking (marr Ying)
Shoes – *Kookie 50L Vintage Armarda Boots (Kookie Lemon)
Scarf – (vive9) Roll-Up Scarf IV [cotton] *abyss (Nelly Oakleaf)
Necklace – [W&B] Peggy Buck Necklace BLACK (Twiggy Whippet)
+Pose – @waffles! (Willa Whybrow)



Lazybone – 나는 새



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