lookbook #236




Hair – H*S Betty *moshamosha* Brown (koto Enoch)
Skin – &Bean – hounds of love LIGHT Korp (Keiko Morigi)


Vest – oyakin*fur-vest(white (kinbo Akina) [NEW]
Top – *eha~ Where Is The Line GRAY (Xanthous Amaterasu)
Inner top – oyakin*border-T(navy (kinbo Akina) [NEW]
Pants – oyakin*cropped-jeans(wash (kinbo Akina) [NEW]
Leggings – !Ohmai: Easter Bunny Leggings [PINKSKIES] (Anya Ohmai)


Shoes – *UnTone Quilt*Retro Pumps (gobou) (chocolat Yifu)

Headband – duboo.summer headband [Books written for girls ] (Newreem Waffle)
Bag – =IZUMIYA=GG Gamaguchi(6)Cards Navy (Izumi Homewood)
Ribbon – (part of) oyakin*cropped-jeans(pink (kinbo Akina)
+Pose –  kinbo (kinbo Akina), bh (H4L Sosa), [snOok] Bubble Dreamer (Tristan Shuffle)



Lenka – Knock Knock


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