lookbook #308, 9


 :: DUTCH TOUCH :: released 3 new skin lines ” Eefje, Fay and Tekla”. These skins are only for sale as basics make up. And she made tons of tattoo layered makeup options. So you can make your own makeup! I think this new process is so nice to customer who wants something new and fresh skin. You can see so many makeup tattoo’s detail pic at here!



+look #308


Hair – **Dura-Boys&Girls**08(Black resize) (chiaki Xue) [New]
Skin –  ::DT:: ::eefje:: Peach – Basic CL1 EBblack FR (Iki Ikarus) [New]
Lip make up – ::DT:: MakeUp – LIPGloss – Faded Serie – BabyPink (Iki Ikarus) [New]


Top – WILDO+shirts blue (hanakarakusa Habana) [New]
Skirt – Narwhal – Denim Pooch Skirt black (Manatee McMillan) [New]
Leggings – couverture – Leggings Black (chocolate Arashi)


Shoes – Peqe – G Wedge_Leopard (Inex Hax) [New]


+Pose – dfo! (Willa Whybrow) 




+look #309


Hair – Kin-Cricket-[Blonde] (Kin Keiko) 
Skin – ::DT:: ::tEkLA:: Choco – Basic CL1 MOLES (Iki Ikarus) [New]
Eye make up – ::DT:: EyeMakeUp SERIE 3 – nr 1 (Iki Ikarus) [New]
Lip make up – ::DT::MakeUp – LIPGloss – Faded Serie – CherryRed (Iki Ikarus) [New]
Lashes – :: DUTCH TOUCH :: EyeLashes Nr  1 (Iki Ikarus) [New]


Top – (Royal Blue) Trenching Through Colour Coat in Black (Marni Grut) [New]
Skirt – Tee*fy Orelle Dress Black (Azure Electricteeth) 
Socks – -LMK- Basic knee knit socks (Black) (Petruva Clemenceau) [New]


Shoes – *GF* Wedge Platform Shoes “Dorothy” -black- (Cerberus Noel)


+Pose – @waffles! (Willa Whybrow) 


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