To one Lounge


“To one Lounge” label holds “Spring onp Festa”.

The event date is March 2nd – March 15th.
It is held in special place of SLOW SIM.

A lot of wonderful one-piece dresses and accessories overflow in the place.
Please come to look for a wonderful item.


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Hair – BP*spring short bob2 (bettiepage.voyager)
Skin – .::Mother Goose’s::.Maya02a (milok.hermit) [New]
Eyes – JM:Mai skin_hono eye3 (130%) no sale (joman.mai) [Group gift]
Lashes – [OH] Lashes  :::(~_~)::: Girls Secret (fhaya.denimore)

#1. To one Lounge—Swan dress

Socks – …lace socks (2type.two band color) (como.setsuko)
Shoes – {mon tissu} Montsegur Pumps ~ Beige ( [New]
Necklace – To one Lounge : ball necklace [Coming soon]

#2. to one lounge*Race and beads-onpiece (BK

Stockings – *Burusera-shirayuri*Stocking (marr.ying)
Shoes – *GF* Platform Shoes “Rosette” -black- (cerberus.noel)

#3. to one lounge*pour toi – honey

Shoes – ~*{TBC}*~ Rocking Horse Shoes – White (morrigan.denimore)
Wings – *EC* Apple Fairy Wings (evangeline.miles)
Basket – Deviance-BlueBelle-Basket-white roses (surreal.leshelle)

#4. *to one lounge*(soda)gingham cookie

Inner top – {mon tissu} Cozy Up Tee ~ Light Blue ( [New]
Socks – (Slow Kitchen)MItsuori_pong_pong_socks(Beige) (naoppe.aichi)
Shoes – (TokiD) le ballerina shines – tan & (TokiD) le ballerina shines – sky (maya.levane)

+Pose – GLITTERATI (katey.coppola)



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