lookbook #357


Surf co. finally released doll avatar “*Bloom Doll*”. I looked forward this release so much. She released 6 type of doll face (one for boy, 5 for girl). This package include doll head with body skin and shape. You can change the eye color and you can even close your eyes by touch. She open new flickr group for this avatar. And now hold an event “Bloom Doll Avatar Flickr Contest” (you can see more details at here). Soooooo this is my entry for this contest too. haha This is my doll  “Greem Bloom”. Greem is “painting” in korean (also i used to use this for my internet nick name. cuz my name is yurim and i love green. green+yurim = greem. lol). She loves green, drawing (more like doodling) and adventure . I hope that you guys also enjoy this avatar just like I did.


Newreem / Greem XD




+look #357


Hair – (Dernier Cri) Kira – Brown Shades (asuka.martin)
Full avatar – *Bloom Doll* (avatar) / Toonip Bloom (emma.gilmour) [New]
Hand paint – tres blah painter hands (julliette.westerburg) 


Caplet – BomBon/mini capelet/red* (tokoro.torok)
Inner top – Picnic middle sleeve T : mussel (nyasyousa.oh)
Jumper – (fd) Racerback Jumper (Mud) (toast.bard)
Feather skirt – (Slow Kitchen)MItsuori_pong_pong_socks(Red) (naoppe.aichi)


Shoes – (Shiny Things) Freebie Painter Shoes (fallingwater.cellardoor) [Freebie]


Beret and brush – Hat Mechanic Art Student – Red (fade.dana)
Belt – .:MANNA:. Montmartre Belt (manna.yoshikawa)
Sketchbook – BP* Sketch book/green17mar/wear (bettiepage.voyager) [Old groupgift]




Feist – 1234


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